About the Blog

Peculiar Pages is a blog about books, both reading and writing them. I try and keep to a schedule, but no promises there. That's okay though because this is my blog and I'm nice and you're nice so we're all cool with it. If you love books give it a whirl and we might just become good friends.

Stuff I do here:
-Ramble. Sometimes it's hard to express all the feels, so I end up going on a bit. Feel free to tell me to shut up, no hard feelings.
-Rant. This might be positive, but it also might not. When there's things I need to say I come here and rant. Join me, it's fun.
-Fangirl. Because what's a book blog without a healthy dose of fangirling?

Things you'll find here:
-Sarcasm. Who doesn't love a bit of sarcasm (betcha can't tell if I'm being sarcastic right now).
-Honesty. If I can't be honest here, where can I be? I don't like to sugarcoat things, though I don't agree with being mean for the sake of it. Try to keep it friendly folks.
-Books. It's a book blog, what did you expect?

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